1.1.A.17 Additional absences (CCB)


Where a service has commenced operating under the CCMS, for the purpose of CCB, additional absences are absences for specified reasons when a child is absent on a day on which care would otherwise have been provided if the child was not absent, and the family is charged for that care. Additional absences can only be claimed when a family has used all of their initial 42 absence days (1.1.A.05). CCB is payable for all additional absences and there is no limit on the number of additional absence days a recipient may claim, providing the absence days are taken for specified reasons and supporting documentation, where required, is provided.

Specified reasons

Specified reasons are:

  • an illness of the child, the individual in whose care the child is, that individual's partner or another individual with whom the child lives,
  • an outbreak of infectious disease when the child is not immunised,
  • a parent being on a rotating shift or rostered day off,
  • a temporary closure of a school or a pupil free day,
  • a period of local emergency,
  • shared custody arrangements due to a court order, a registered parenting plan, a parenting plan or a parenting order,
  • attendance at preschool, and
  • an additional absence in exceptional circumstances (1.1.A.18) has been claimed by a service.

Act reference: FAAct section 10 Effect of absence of child from care of approved child care service other than an approved occasional care service

Last reviewed: 7 November 2016