1.1.N.17 Nominated hours (CCB)


Note: Nominated hours only applies to services that have commenced operating under the CCMS.

Families receiving CCB as a fee reduction for a child at more than one approved service operating under the CCMS can nominate the number of CCB hours per child that they wish to receive from each service each week.

This information will be recorded through CCMS to assist with the calculation of CCB.

Example: An individual may be eligible for up to 50 hours of CCB in a week. Their child attends an LDC service 3 days a week for a total of 36 hours and FDC service 2 days a week for a total of 20 hours. The LDC service asks the family if they are using multiple services and the family tells the service that they also use FDC. The LDC service asks the family to nominate how many of their CCB eligible hours are to be paid at that service. The family may nominate that 30 hours of CCB be claimed at the LDC service and 20 hours at the FDC service, which would result in CCB being paid for 30 of the 36 weekly hours at the LDC service and all of the 20 weekly hours at the FDC total weekly hours.

Should a family using more than one child care service not nominate how their eligible CCB hours will be allocated then the services will be paid CCB by the Department of Education and Training, up to their eligible hours limit, in the order in which the Attendance Record Reports (1.1.A.115) are received.

In the example above, if the family did not nominate how its eligible hours were to be allocated then, if the LDC service submitted its Attendance Record Report for the child first, CCB would be paid for the full 36 hours used in LDC. The FDC service would then receive 14 hours of CCB when the service submitted its Attendance Record Report.

Where a family has nominated in excess of their eligible hours limit, CCB will only be paid up to their limit of hours in the order in which attendance information is received.

Last reviewed: 8 May 2017