1.1.P.50 Part-time percentage (CCB)


For the purposes of CCB, the part-time percentage is a loading applied in calculating the adjustment percentage (1.1.A.40) used to determine a recipient's CCB entitlement (1.1.E.30) for care provided by an approved LDC centre. The percentage is applied to take account of the higher hourly rates applying when non-school children are in LDC (1.1.T.70) centres part-time.

Hours Part-time %
Less than 34 hours in a week 110
34 or more hours but less than 35 hours in a week 108
35 or more hours but less than 36 hours in a week 106
36 or more hours but less than 37 hours in a week 104
37 or more hours but less than 38 hours in a week 102
38 or more hours in a week 100

Act reference: FAAct Schedule 2 clause 2 Adjustment percentage

Policy reference: FA Guide CCB Overall Rate Calculation - Approved Care

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015