1.1.R.20 Registered care, registered carer (CCB)

Definition: registered care

For the purposes of CCB, registered care is childcare provided by a registered carer.

Definition: registered carer

For the purposes of CCB, a 'registered carer' is an individual who provides care, or proposes to provide care, for a child or children. The person can apply for approval as a registered carer to offer CCB if the individual has:

  • turned 18, or
  • a qualification which may determine eligibility for approval as a registered carer, and
  • tax file number.

It is a condition for continued approval that care provided must comply with laws and requirements relating to childcare imposed by the Commonwealth or state or territory in which the care is provided.

Note: For the purposes of CCR, care cannot be provided by a registered child care service. Only care provided by an approved child care service (1.1.A.90) can attract the CCR.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 209 Application for approval as a registered carer, section 210 Approval of registered carers

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015