1.1.S.140 Study (JETCCFA)


For JETCCFA purposes, study means educational activities as provided through an education institution (1.1.E.05), designed to prepare a person for the workforce or increase the ability and capacity of the person to undertake work.

Study is restricted to courses at the vocational level Certificate II and above, as defined in the Australian Qualifications Framework, or a higher education qualification but not beyond graduate diploma level (therefore excluding Masters' and Doctoral degrees) with the following exemptions:

  • AMEP, for parents with school aged children only,
  • Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program,
  • Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, and
  • enabling courses.

For courses allocated to a particular level in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), a person will only be able to enrol for an eligible course (i.e. Certificate II to Graduate Diploma level) that is a step-up, attainment wise, from a course they have studied previously. The course can only be at the same level if it leads toward an occupation in high demand as identified on the Skills Shortage List - Australia.

Note: This rule does not apply for courses that fall outside of the AQF (i.e. Senior Secondary Certificate, AMEP, SEE and enabling courses).

Exceptions may apply in serious, extenuating or compelling circumstances (

Senior Secondary Certificate of Education

JETCCFA can be accessed when a person is undertaking a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (i.e. Year 12), regardless of a person's age. Exceptions may apply (

Enabling courses

JETCCFA can be accessed when a person is undertaking a university enabling course. University enabling courses help prepare students for higher education and provide a pathway to university for students who would otherwise not be qualified. These courses may also be referred to as bridging courses, pathway courses, tertiary entry programs or tertiary preparation programs.

Open Universities Australia

Open Universities Australia (OUA) is not a higher education provider therefore students who study through OUA are not enrolled in a 'course of study', rather they are enrolled in individual units and do not meet the definition of study for JETCCFA purposes. Students apply to a higher education provider (i.e. university) to receive a higher education award based on credits for units they have completed through OUA.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.E.05 Education institution (JETCCFA), JETCCFA Activity Types, JETCCFA Activity Limits for Study & Training

Last reviewed: 20 March 2017