1.1.S.15 School child, non-school child (CCB)


This definition applies to CCB.

Definition: school child

A school child is a child who:

  • attends primary or secondary school, or
  • is on a break from school and will be returning to primary or secondary school after that break, or

    Example: School holidays.

  • has reached 6 years of age, unless the individual eligible for CCB or conditionally eligible for CCB notifies that the child is exempt from the requirement to attend school.

A school child includes children who attend the following classes at primary school:

  • kindergarten in NSW and ACT,
  • preparatory in Victoria and Tasmania,
  • preparatory or Year 1 in Queensland,
  • pre-primary in WA,
  • reception in SA, or
  • transition in NT.

Definition: non-school child

A non-school child is a child who is not a school child.

Act reference: FAAct section 18 Meaning of school child

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015