1.1.T.52 Total fee charged (CCR)


The total fee is the amount invoiced to the individual that the individual is liable to pay for the provision of standard services in the hours of care. The total fee also includes the total amount of CCB. It may include meals, nappy service, etc. if these are provided as part of the standard service provided.

However, the total fee charged does not include fees charged for unapproved absence days. Unapproved absence days where CCB will not be paid are absence days that exceed the 30 day allowable absence limit or, where a service has commenced operating under CCMS, absence days that exceed the initial 42 absence days and do not meet the criteria for additional absence days (1.1.A.05).

The total fee does not include one-off charges such as registration fees, late pick-up fees or credit card surcharges. Where a discount is applied to the total fee, the total fee reported should be the discounted fee.

The total fee charged may be different from the total fee for CCB eligible hours.

Last reviewed: 8 May 2017