1.1.T.70 Type of care (CCB)


For the purposes of CCB, the type of care refers to one of the following types of approved child care service that a recipient may use:

  • long day care,
  • family day care,
  • occasional care,
  • in home care,
  • outside school hours care, and
  • vacation care.

Long day care

LDC centres are mainly for preschool age children and are open for a minimum of 8 hours per day on all normal working days, over a minimum of 48 weeks per year.

Family day care

FDC is a network of individuals providing child care in their own homes for other people's children, organised and supported by a central coordination unit. FDC is primarily aimed at children under 5, but can also assist school age children. FDC is a flexible service type providing a range of options.

Occasional care

Occasional care is care offered on an ad-hoc, or part-time, basis and generally for fewer hours than provided in LDC.

In home care

In home care is a flexible form of child care where care is provided in the child's home by an approved care (1.1.A.90) provider. In home care may be available for families who do not have access to a standard child care service, or where their child care needs cannot be met by an existing service. Families that may be eligible for in home care include families:

  • where the parent/s work shift work or non-standard hours,
  • that live in a rural or remote area,
  • that have a child with an illness or disability,
  • where one of the parents has an illness or disability that reduces the families capacity to care for child/ren,
  • where the parents have had a multiple birth - 3 or more children born at the same time,
  • that have 3 or more children under school age.

Outside school hours care

OSHC programs provide care mainly for school children:

  • before school,
  • after school,
  • on pupil-free days, and
  • during school holidays (vacation care).

Vacation care is care offered through outside school hours care services, community organisations, private organisations, or school body organisations. Funding for these services is limited strictly to school holidays.

Last reviewed: 8 May 2017