2.10.2 SKB Notification Timeframes & Requirements

Cessation of SKB

The final instalment of SKB (in respect of the 30 June 2016 bonus test date) was paid in July 2016. For individuals who claim their FTB Part A via a lump sum for the 2015-16 income year, SKB will be paid with their FTB Part A entitlement if eligible.

The following information is relevant to the 2012-13 to 2015-16 income years only.

Notification timeframes & requirements

Individuals who receive FTB Part A may be eligible for an instalment of SKB provided notification of participation in education or study is received by the end of the first income year after the income year in which the bonus test date for the instalment occurs. This is consistent with the claim timeframe applicable for the receipt of FTB Part A (see

Example: Nikki starts primary school in 2013. Nikki's parents are eligible for the start-up payment and the July 2013 SKB instalment provided they notify Centrelink of Nikki's school commencement by 30 June 2014.

The same notification timeframe applies to receive the higher secondary instalment amount for a child commencing secondary school.

Example: John is starting secondary school in 2014. John's mother will need to notify Centrelink before the 1 January 2014 bonus test date that John will be starting secondary school so she can receive the secondary instalment amount as soon as possible. John's mother cannot be paid the higher secondary rate for the 1 January 2014 bonus test date if she does not notify Centrelink before 30 June 2015.

Individuals who receive YA, ABSTUDY (Living Allowance), DSP, CP, PP and SpB, may be eligible for an instalment of SKB for the bonus test days of 1 January and 30 June in a particular calendar year provided notification of participation in education or study is received by 31 December of that calendar year.

Example: Tom applied for YA in March 2013 and was retrospectively entitled to YA from 1 January 2013. Tom is eligible to receive the January 2013 SKB instalment as he notified Centrelink of his participation in secondary study by 31 December 2013.

Act reference: FAAct section 35UA(4) DSP, CP or PP, section 35UB Relevant SKB child, section 65B(4) For an eligible child under subsection 35UD(1)…, section 65E Amount of SKB-individuals eligible under subsection 35UE(1), (2) or (3), section 54 Application provisions - SKB

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.2.14 Schoolkids Bonus (SKB) - Description, 2.10.1 SKB Eligibility Criteria, 3.9 SKB Rate, Specific Requirements for Past Period Claim

Last reviewed: 15 August 2016