2.10.3 School Leaver's Payment

Cessation of SKB

The final instalment of SKB (in respect of the 30 June 2016 bonus test date) was paid in July 2016. For individuals who claim their FTB Part A via a lump sum for the 2015-16 income year, SKB will be paid with their FTB Part A entitlement if eligible.

The following information is relevant to the 2012-13 to 2015-16 income years only.


A school leaver's payment is available at the completion of studies despite the individual not meeting an entitlement category or circumstance on the bonus test date after completion of studies.

A school leaver's payment may be paid to individuals completing secondary study who were in primary or secondary education in 2012 or earlier, as these individuals are unable to receive the upfront assistance available to children commencing primary or secondary school from 2013.

For the school leaver's payment to be paid for a student, for a bonus test day the student needs to have:

  • completed the final year of secondary school or an equivalent level of education, and
  • have undertaken primary or secondary education on at least one day in 2012, and
  • been paid an eligible payment in respect of the student on a day in the previous education period (the eligibility day), and
  • meet the age requirements on the bonus test day after they complete their secondary education, this means:
    • if the bonus test day is 1 January - be aged under 20 or turn 20 on the bonus test day, or
    • if the bonus test day is 30 June - be aged under 19 or have turned 19 during the calendar year in which the bonus test day occurs.

If the student has not completed the final year of secondary school, they are still able to access the finishing instalment if they left school early due to sickness or disability.

Example: Jenny completes her secondary studies in December 2014 and is no longer a full-time secondary student on 1 January 2015 and is therefore not eligible to receive a general SKB instalment in relation to the 1 January 2015 bonus test date (as she would not be participating in secondary study in the 6 month period following the bonus test date). However Jenny is eligible to receive a school leaver's SKB instalment of $410 in relation to the 1 January 2015 bonus test date, because she was receiving YA on 31 December 2013 (her eligibility day).


Families of the individual, or the individual themselves, would be required to notify Centrelink that they have finished school, as the payment is not made automatically. This notification could be given as part of the standard course end review process. Notification must occur before the end of the first income year after the income year in which the bonus test day occurs if SKB eligibility is based on receipt of FTB Part A. For other eligible payments, notification must occur before the end of the period of 13 weeks beginning on the bonus test day. Notification of completion of study can occur before the bonus test day.

Act reference: FAAct section 35UC When an individual is eligible for SKB in respect of a child-school leaver, section 35UF When an individual is eligible for SKB-school leaver

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.10.1 SKB Eligibility Criteria, 3.9 SKB Rate

Last reviewed: 20 September 2016