Eligibility Requirements for More than 50 Hours CCB


This topic explains the circumstances that allow an individual using approved care (1.1.A.90) to receive more than 50 hours per week of CCB, and covers:

  • employment-related commitments,
  • families with one disabled (1.1.D.80) parent (1.1.P.10),
  • exceptional circumstances, and
  • child at risk.

Eligibility requirements

The following table shows the circumstances in which an individual may be eligible for CCB for more than 50 hours of approved care. Any specific conditions that apply to a circumstance are listed in the second column of the table. All circumstances must coincide with the week CCB is claimed (1.1.C.27).

Circumstance Specific conditions

Employment commitments for more than 50 hours in a week:

  • in paid work,
  • attending a course or completing course related activities to improve work skills or employment prospects, or
  • actively looking for work or setting up a business.
  • Both the individual and their partner (1.1.P.30), if they have one, must be unavailable, at the same time, to care for the child.
  • If one parent in a 2 parent family is disabled, then only the employment related commitments of the non-disabled parent are considered.
  • Can include travel time.
  • Can include up to 10 hours sleeping if the individual works evening or night shifts.
Exceptional circumstances (1.1.E.50)

An individual must complete an application with the child care service giving details of the circumstances causing the need for additional hours, supported by documentary evidence. The service will submit the application to Centrelink for approval.

Child at risk

  • A service must make a determination in writing, stating the reasons why they believe the child is at risk, and
  • can be granted for up to 13 week periods. If more than 13 weeks is required in a financial year, approval must be granted from Centrelink.

Explanation: This is not the same as SCCB.

The following applies to child care services operating under CCMS.

Child care services are required to report all hours charged for a week, and Centrelink will apply the eligible hours limit when calculating fee reductions. Families with an eligible hours limit of more than 50 hours will be paid CCB for all hours charged up to their eligible hours limit.

Act reference: FAAct section 52 Limit on eligibility for child care benefit relating to hours, section 53 Weekly limit of hours, section 55 Circumstances when a limit of more than 50 hours applies

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.6.1 CCB Eligibility Criteria for Individuals, 2.6.7 Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB) - Eligibility Criteria, JETCCFA Eligibility Requirements Relating to Hours

Last reviewed: 20 September 2016