JETCCFA Eligibility Criteria - Overview


This topic explains the JETCCFA eligibility criteria.

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This topic provides an overview of the JETCCFA eligibility criteria.

JETCCFA eligibility criteria overview

There are 2 categories of people eligible for JETCCFA, people who are required to enter into an activity agreement as a condition of the income support payment they receive (mandatory claimants (1.1.M.24)) and certain other income support recipients who have entered into a JETCCFA activity agreement voluntarily (voluntary claimant (1.1.V.15)). People in each category have similar but different eligibility criteria for JETCCFA.

Why are there 2 categories of people eligible for JETCCFA?

The main difference between the 2 categories of people eligible for JETCCFA relates to the effect of compliance with an agreement on the eligibility for JETCCFA. Eligibility for JETCCFA for:

  • mandatory claimants (1.1.M.24) will depend on their income support activity agreement being 'in force', not on compliance with the agreement.
  • voluntary claimants (1.1.V.15) will depend on compliance with the terms of their agreement.
Last reviewed: 3 November 2008