JETCCFA Eligibility Exceptions for Mandatory Claimants


This topic explains the eligibility exceptions for mandatory claimants (1.1.M.24).

Effect of being suspended from an eligible income support payment on JETCCFA eligibility

If the person's payment is not cancelled, but it is suspended or a non-payment penalty period is imposed for non-compliance with the terms of their agreement, the person will remain subject to the terms of their agreement throughout the suspension or non-payment period. If the person remains subject to their activity agreement during such circumstances, the person may remain eligible for JETCCFA for up to 21days of the suspension or non-payment penalty period.

Effect of failing to comply with participation obligations on JETCCFA eligibility

Mandatory claimants remain eligible for JETCCFA, even if they are not complying with the terms of their activity agreement.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.M.24 Mandatory claimant (JETCCFA)

Last reviewed: 3 November 2008