JETCCFA Activity Types


This topic explains the activities JETCCFA can be approved for, subject to the JETCCFA activity limits (1.1.J.50).

JETCCFA activity types

JETCCFA activity types are:

  • paid work or setting up a business,
  • unpaid work,
  • job search,
  • study (1.1.S.140) and training (1.1.T.55),
  • LMPs and Government funded rehabilitation (1.1.G.13), and
  • other - other activities that have workforce preparation outcomes, i.e. improve work skills or employment prospects.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.50 JETCCFA activity limits, 1.1.S.140 Study (JETCCFA), 1.1.T.55 Training (JETCCFA), JETCCFA Activity Limits for Work (Paid & Unpaid) or Setting Up a Business, JETCCFA Activity Limits for Job Search, JETCCFA Activity Limits for Study & Training, JETCCFA Activity Limits for Labour Market Programs (LMPs) & Government Funded Rehabilitation, JETCCFA Activity Limits for Other Activities that Aid Parents to Engage in Sustainable Paid Work, JETCCFA Activity Limits for Multiple Activities - Most Beneficial Activity

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Last reviewed: 6 February 2017