JETCCFA Activity Limits for Work (Paid & Unpaid) or Setting Up a Business


This topic explains the JETCCFA activity approval limit for work (paid and unpaid) or setting up a business.

Approval limit

For this activity type JETCCFA can be granted for the initial 26 weeks of the activity.

Where the person has already been in the activity continuously for more than 26 weeks they are not eligible for JETCCFA unless the most beneficial activity rules apply (

Where the person has already been in the activity for less than 26 weeks and they are continuing in the activity, the person is eligible for JETCCFA until their 26 weeks is reached.

New activities

JETCCFA cannot be granted for a subsequent work or setting up a business activity, unless:

  • the activity is not a continuation of an earlier activity that has reached its activity approval limit, and
  • the person has completed an intervening JETCCFA activity.

Defence Force Reserve participation

Defence Force Reserve participation is considered a work activity for JETCCFA purposes. JETCCFA can be granted for up to 26 weeks when child care is required for a person to participate in Defence Force Reserves activities.

Previous arrangements

From 1 July 2012 to 6 July 2015, a person residing in one of the 10 identified disadvantaged locations and participating in the Building Australia's Future Workforce targeted initiative - Support for Jobless Families was able to receive 52 weeks JETCCFA for work (paid or unpaid). As these arrangements have now ceased, parents can only be granted JETCCFA for the initial 26 weeks of a work activity.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.I.120 Intervening activity (JETCCFA), 1.1.J.30 JETCCFA activities, 1.1.J.50 JETCCFA activity limits

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015