JETCCFA Activity Limits for Job Search


This topic explains the JETCCFA activity approval limit for job search (SS Guide

Approval limit

For this activity type JETCCFA can be granted for up to 20 days within 20 weeks.

Explanation: The limit of job search days is not necessarily a period of 20 consecutive days: job search days can be taken over a longer period. For example, if the person requires JETCCFA for job search one day per week for 10 weeks. This counts as 10 days of JETCCFA.

Where the person has already completed their 20 job search days or a period of 20 weeks has occurred since they commenced job search they are not eligible for JETCCFA for a job search activity, unless:

  • the Most Beneficial Activity rules apply (, or
  • the person has completed an intervening JETCCFA activity.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.30 JETCCFA activities, 1.1.I.120 Intervening activity (JETCCFA), 1.1.J.50 JETCCFA activity limits, JETCCFA Activity Limits for Multiple Activities - Most Beneficial Activity

Last reviewed: 3 November 2008