JETCCFA Activity Limits for Multiple Activities - Most Beneficial Activity


This topic explains the JETCCFA activity approval limit if a person is participating in more than one approved JETCCFA activity.

Most beneficial activity

If a person is participating in more than one approved activity type, then for all the JETCCFA activities (1.1.J.30) undertaken by the person, the most beneficial activity limit (of the activity limits that could apply to the person's JETCCFA activities listed in their EPP) applies.

Example: If a parent is both working and doing job search, the most beneficial activity is 'paid work' and the assessment period can be up to 26 weeks because this is the activity funding limit for paid work. During the 26 weeks the total child care hours required by both activities would be supported by JETCCFA, however, the activity funding limits for both activities will be reached. At the end of the 26 weeks, the parent would not be able to access another 20 days of job search or another 26 weeks for paid work without an intervening activity.

For the most beneficial activity limit provisions to apply the activities need to start contemporaneously.

Explanation: This is to stop the extension of JETCCFA for activities beyond the normal period allowed by a person starting a new activity just prior to their current activity finishing. However, this does not mean that the activities must start exactly at the same time. Rather they must start within a short period of each other.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.30 JETCCFA activities, 1.1.J.50 JETCCFA activity limits

Last reviewed: 17 August 2015