Varying JETCCFA Hours of Activity Over a Fortnight


This topic explains how JETCCFA hours for each child are worked out for a person whose activity commitments vary over a fortnight.

If a person's activity has varying hours over a fortnight, e.g. works 2 days one week and 3 days the next, then JETCCFA can be paid for the higher number of hours required in a week.

Example: Celia requires 10.5 hours outside school hours care in the week that she works 3 days and 7 hours in the week that she works 2 days. The number of JETCCFA hours granted for the recipient at the service would be 11 (as JETCCFA hours are rounded up to the hours required for the sessions of care) and this represents the greatest amount of hours that would be required.

Last reviewed: 3 November 2008