Limits on JETCCFA Hours in Calculating a Payment


This topic explains the limitations of JETCCFA hours in calculating a payment and which hours in a week attract JETCCFA.

JETCCFA will only be paid where the child attends care for some part of a session, for which a fee is charged, unless the child is absent on an allowable or approved absence day. It is paid for the number of hours in those sessions of care up to the limit of a person's JETCCFA hours (1.1.J.100) specified on their JETCCFA assessment notice.

From 3 July 2017, the maximum amount of JETCCFA that will be paid per hour of care is $8.40 (indexed annually). If a person's child care service charges high hourly fees, JETCCFA will pay up to $8.40 per hour and the person will be liable for the remaining cost (subject to the CCR).

Limits on JETCCFA hours

JETCCFA hours may be limited by:

  • the person's weekly limit of CCB hours,
  • the service's hours of operation (excluding family day care and in-home care),
  • the person's weekly limit of JETCCFA hours for the child. A person's JETCCFA hours cannot exceed their weekly limit of CCB hours,
  • the maximum length of outside school hours care sessions of care,
  • the number of JETCCFA hours a family advises it will use at an approved child care service (where applicable), and
  • the 12-hour limit on a session of care.

The JETCCFA hours (1.1.J.100) of care are limited by the service's hours of operation, since JETCCFA will only be paid for periods when the service is open (except for public holidays and local emergencies).

Hours of operation of the service

Where an approved service has dedicated hours of operation, such as long day care centres, outside school hours care services and occasional care centres, the service's hours of operation for JETCCFA purposes are the lesser of:

  • the weekly hours advised in a service's promotional material, or
  • the weekly hours of operation on public display at the service, or
  • the weekly hours that sufficient staff (which meet state or territory regulatory requirements) are rostered on for duty, present at the service, and children can attend, or
  • the licensed hours of operation.

Which hours in a week will attract JETCCFA?

Approved child care services will apply JETCCFA to the first hours used by a person in the weekly fee reduction calculation.

Previous arrangements

From 5 January 2015 to 5 July 2015, the maximum amount of JETCCFA that was paid per hour of care was $8.00.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.100 JETCCFA hours, 3.7.1 JETCCFA Rate Calculation - Overview, 3.7.2 Formula for Calculating JETCCFA, JETCCFA Parental Contribution, 3.7.3 Charges Covered by JETCCFA

Last reviewed: 3 July 2017