3.7.3 Charges Covered by JETCCFA


This topic explains the charges that JETCCFA will and will not support.

Charges covered by JETCCFA

The amount the approved child care service charges for the standard service provided for each child in care for the child's JETCCFA hours. It may also include other charges, for example for meals, if these are part of the standard service included.

Charges not covered by JETCCFA:

  • bonds or deposits for child care services, and
  • parent late fees, and
  • waiting list fees, and
  • fees charged in addition to the cost of care.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.100 JETCCFA hours, 1.1.P.15 Parental contribution (JETCCFA), 3.7.1 JETCCFA Rate Calculation - Overview, 3.7.2 Formula for Calculating JETCCFA, Limits on JETCCFA Hours in Calculating a Payment, JETCCFA Parental Contribution

Last reviewed: 30 April 2012