4.10.1 General Provisions for JETCCFA Claims & Payments

Note: From 2 July 2018 there will be a new Child Care Package. As part of the changes, JETCCFA will cease on 1 July 2018. Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy will start from 2 July 2018. To find out more, and to estimate what the new subsidy might be, please go to the Department of Education and Training's The New Child Care Package page.


This section contains provisions applying to a person's claim for, and payment of, JETCCFA and covers:

  • determining an effective JETCCFA claim,
  • conditional entitlement,
  • notification of payment,
  • method of payment - individuals,
  • method of payment - approved child care services, and
  • payment to a third party.

Determining an effective JETCCFA claim

For a JETCCFA claim to be effective, a person should:

  • answer all the relevant questions, and
  • submit all the relevant supporting documentation if requested to do so.

If any of the information requirements are not met, the person will be contacted and asked to provide the information. If the person does not provide the requested information affecting their eligibility, they are not eligible to receive JETCCFA.

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.8 JETCCFA Eligibility, 3.7 JETCCFA Rate Calculation

Conditional entitlement

People using approved services (1.1.A.90) are granted conditional entitlement once they:

  • claim JETCCFA, and
  • meet all the eligibility requirements.

Entitlement is confirmed once the person's entitlement has been confirmed by DHS.

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.8 JETCCFA Eligibility

Notification of payment

Eligible people will receive notification of the details of their conditional entitlement. Child care services will be able to provide eligible people with the details of the JETCCFA amount used to reduce their fees.

Method of payment - individuals

Eligible people receive JETCCFA as reduced fees. JETCCFA cannot be claimed as a lump sum.

Method of payment - approved child care services

The amounts provided as JETCCFA fee reductions to eligible people can only be claimed in arrears by approved child care services after submitting a Statement of Child Care Usage (or equivalent information within software) to DHS with the appropriate information.

Limitation on payability

JETCCFA is not payable to a person on behalf of a child they are receiving SCCB or GCCB for.

Explanation: A person receiving SCCB or GCCB for a child for a period already has all of the child's care costs paid during that period.

Payment to a third party

In the case of death of an eligible person, any amount of JETCCFA owing can be paid to a third party if the Secretary considers that they should be eligible. If the deceased person had a partner, the partner is the most appropriate person to pay. If the person did not have a partner, the payment should be made to the executor of the estate. If an executor has not been appointed, a relative of the deceased person or the new carer of the relevant child/ren can be paid.

JETCCFA for past periods cannot be paid directly to eligible people. Consequently, if a person has already paid for care in the backdated period. JETCCFA can only be paid for the same period if the child care service is willing to credit or reimburse the person for the appropriate amount.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.A.90 Approved service, approved care (CCB, CCR), 2.8 JETCCFA Eligibility, 3.7 JETCCFA Rate Calculation

Last reviewed: 2 January 2018