4.10.2 Claims for JETCCFA


This section contains information on claiming JETCCFA and covers:

  • how a person can claim JETCCFA,
  • limitation on determination of JETCCFA claims,
  • information required when claiming JETCCFA, and
  • backdating of a new JETCCFA claim by an approved child care service.

How a person can claim JETCCFA

Only the person, who has claimed CCB as reduced fees for the care of the child can claim JETCCFA. A claim must be made to DHS.

A person can lodge an application by:

  • telephone (see explanation 1), or
  • facsimile (see explanation 2), or
  • mail (see explanation 3), or
  • over the counter (see explanation 3), or
  • electronically - via the Document Lodgement Service (DLS) (see explanation 1).

Explanation 1: An individual will receive a receipt number.

Explanation 2: An individual will not receive a receipt.

Explanation 3: An individual will receive an actual receipt.

Regardless of how the claim for JETCCFA is lodged, the appropriate claim process must be followed to capture all required information to assess the claim.

If a claim for JETCCFA is approved, an assessment notice is sent to the person who made the claim. If the claim is rejected, 2 attempts will be made to contact the person via telephone to advise, the reason for the rejection.

The person will receive written notification of their assessment by mail or electronically via accessing their online letters.

Note: Approval for JETCCFA is made at the 'service level' rather than the individual service level. In other words, a person is notified that they are eligible for JETCCFA at any approved care type, i.e. LDC, FDC, occasional care, OSHC or in home care service of their choice, rather than at a particular service.

If the person changes child care services and they still use the same service type as they were originally granted JETCCFA for, e.g. LDC, a new assessment does not need to be undertaken by DHS. The person presents the new child care service with the original JETCCFA assessment notice issued by DHS.

A person's child care service/s WILL NOT receive an assessment notice.

A limitation on the determination of JETCCFA claims

A JETCCFA claim cannot be determined until the person is conditionally eligible for the maximum rate of CCB for approved child care.

A person can only claim JETCCFA for children for whom they are conditionally eligible for CCB.

Information required when claiming JETCCFA

A person must provide the following information when they claim:

  • personal details, such as telephone number, CRN and DOB,
  • details of the JETCCFA approved activities, e.g. study (1.1.S.140), training (1.1.T.55), work or job search, including the name of the provider or employer, the period the activities will be undertaken, and the times each week the activities will be undertaken,
  • the name, address and telephone number of an employment service provider (if the person has one),
  • child details for each child in care,
  • approved child care service/s (1.1.A.90) details for each child,
  • details of the sessions of care the child/ren will attend at the person's nominated services that are needed to enable the person to undertake their JETCCFA approved activities,
  • a person undertaking the AMEP must provide verification of completion of Department of Education and Training (formerly the Department of Industry) funded child care of 510 hours, and
  • for a study or training activity a person must provide the following information:
    • full name of course,
    • level of qualification to be obtained upon completion of course,
    • start and end dates of the course,
    • study load - full-time, part-time, percentage load, or nominal hours per week,
    • mode of study - on-line or on-campus,
    • details of any study completed within the last 10 years - course name and level
    • course code, if available, and
    • verification of enrolment in full course (unit based studies do not qualify for JETCCFA).

Note 1: Online study is to be considered part-time study for JETCCFA purposes.

Note 2: A person must apply for the removal of the continuous adjustment and percentage truncation from applying to CCB in order to maintain absolute maximum rate of CCB and JETCCFA.

Policy reference: FA Guide 4.10.1 General Provisions for JETCCFA Claims & Payments

Backdating of new JETCCFA claims by an approved child care service

Claims for JETCCFA can be backdated by DHS for up to 28 days prior to the date the claim was lodged with DHS (

Services are to apply a family's JETCCFA entitlement from the date specified in the assessment notice or in the case of conditional entitlement (4.10.1) the date advised by DHS.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.A.90 Approved service, approved care (CCB, CCR), 1.1.T.55 Training (JETCCFA), 1.1.G.13 Government funded rehabilitation (JETCCFA), 2.8 JETCCFA Eligibility, Backdating JETCCFA, 3.7 JETCCFA Rate Calculation, 4.10.1 General Provisions for JETCCFA Claims & Payments

Last reviewed: 21 September 2015