Continuous Adjustment of CCB


This topic explains the choice available to individuals to have their CCB automatically adjusted whenever they advise a change in their income estimate.

Continuous adjustment of CCB received as reduced fees

Families who advise changes in their income estimates during the income year will be able to choose a lower adjusted rate of CCB that reduces or recovers any provisional overpayment that may have accrued during the current income year under a previous lower estimate. Families opting for continuous adjustment will not have to choose to have their payment adjusted each time they advise a change in their income estimate or update their circumstances throughout the income year - once the choice is made their CCB will be adjusted automatically by Centrelink when necessary.

Electing continuous adjustment

If the individual is receiving CCB as reduced fees, he/she must voluntarily agree to the adjustment of their CCB before they can be paid at a rate other than their legislative rate. Agreement to continuous adjustment of CCB may be provided at the claim stage for new individuals or for existing individuals at the time of changing their income estimate or notifying a change of circumstances.

Under the continuous adjustment option, CCB must be automatically reassessed on the first Monday of the new income year.

Revoking continuous adjustment

An individual who has chosen continuous adjustment of their CCB may at any time during an income year request to be paid CCB at the legislative rate applicable to their current income and family circumstances or be paid at an adjusted rate specified by the individual. Arrears of their legislative rate cannot be paid until their correct entitlement is calculated at reconciliation.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.C.47 Common law right to receive less, 1.1.L.25 Legislative rate of FTB/CCB, 1.1.A.45 Adjusted rate of FTB/CCB, 1.1.R.10 Reconciliation of CCB entitlement (CCB)

Last reviewed: 20 September 2016