General Provisions for CCB Variations - Individuals Using a Service Operating under CCMS


This topic explains the general provisions applying to variations of an individual's (1.1.I.90) claim for CCB for services operating under CCMS and covers:

  • an individual's obligation to notify Centrelink of events that can affect their CCB entitlement (1.1.E.30),
  • the events that are to be notified to Centrelink,
  • methods of notification, and
  • events that are to be notified to child care services.

Obligation to notify

An individual SHOULD notify Centrelink of an event that can DECREASE their CCB entitlement. They do NOT have to notify of an event that can INCREASE their entitlement. Where an individual's entitlement is to change, Centrelink will advise the individual in writing and the service will be advised electronically. If there is no change in entitlement, no notification is sent. Individuals should be advised that end of financial year reconciliations will be conducted to ensure that individuals have received their correct entitlement and that any amounts overpaid must be repaid.

Events to be notified to Centrelink

An individual should notify Centrelink of the following events as soon as possible:

  • changes in income (1.1.I.20),
  • changes in the way they receive CCB,
  • change in eligible hours (1.1.E.20),
    • Example: An individual gains, or loses, a 24 or 50-hour exemption.
  • change in partnering arrangements or related income changes,
  • death of:
    • an individual,
    • a partner (1.1.P.30), or
    • a child,
  • change in personal details, including address and bank account details,
  • when a child becomes a school child, and
  • when a child enters or leaves care.

Methods of notification

An individual can notify Centrelink of events that affect their CCB entitlement by:

  • phone,
  • mail,
  • internet, or
  • over the counter.
Last reviewed: 17 August 2015