CCB Entitlement Variations - Individuals Using an Approved Service Operating under CCMS


This topic explains the relevant dates of effect under CCMS for changes in an individual's circumstances that affect their CCB entitlement (1.1.E.30). Most changes to entitlement result from a change to the CCB percentage (1.1.C.10). The date of effect (1.1.D.20) for most of these changes occurs on Monday.

This topic covers:

  • the fact that several dates of effect can apply to each change of circumstance,
  • dates of effect for particular changes in circumstances, and
  • the date of effect for CCB indexation.

Policy reference: FA Guide Calculating the Approved Care CCB Percentage

Several dates of effect apply

Each change in an individual's circumstances usually generates the following actions:

  • Centrelink sends a letter, detailing the date of the change of circumstances, to the individual.
  • Centrelink applies the adjusted CCB percentage from a date of effect.

The dates of effect of these actions do not always coincide. Centrelink applies the adjusted date of effect of the change in circumstances from Monday of the week the change occurred, if the change is advantageous to the recipient, and from the following Monday if the change is not advantageous. This may not be the actual date of effect of the change in circumstances advised in the letter from Centrelink.

Dates of effect for particular changes in circumstances

For changes to an individual's circumstances, the following table explains the date of effect applying when the:

  • Centrelink sends a letter, advising of the details of the change, to the individual, and
  • Centrelink applies the new CCB percentage.

Example: The week the change occurred.

If an individual… The date of effect in the letter is the date… The date of effect used in reconciliation is the Monday of the week…
lodges a new claim, including for an extra child starting in care, the claim was lodged. that includes the 28th day before the date the claim was lodged or the date the individual was eligible (i.e. child came into custody), whichever is the later.
advises of a change in income, the estimate was received. none.

Explanation: In reconciliation, entitlement is recalculated for each week of child care for the year.

advises of any of the following:
  • change in partner status,
  • child leaving care,
  • child changing school status,
  • child meeting immunisation requirements,
the new information is received.
  • the change occurred, if the CCB percentage increases, or
  • after the change occurred, if the CCB percentage decreases.
begins receiving income support, the income support begins. the income support begins.
stops receiving income support, the income support stops. after the income support stops.
loses their 24 hour exception, the individual advises of the loss of exception. after the loss of exception began.

Date of effect - CCB indexation

When CPI indexation occurs, Centrelink advises individuals that the date of the indexation is the first Monday in the next financial year. The date of effect is the Monday of the first available billing week in the new financial year for Centrelink applying the resulting CCB percentage.

Last reviewed: 20 September 2016