CCB Entitlement Variations - Individuals Using Registered Care

Date of effect- registered care (1.1.R.20)

CCB eligibility is affected if an individual and their partner (1.1.P.30), if they have one, did not satisfy the work/training/study test or an exception to the test, during a week in which care was provided.

CCB eligibility is also affected if the immunisation requirements (1.1.I.10) are not met.

Example: Anita lodges a claim for registered care, covering the 6 months from 1 February to 31 July. In April, she resigned from her job and did not actively look for work for 2 weeks. She is therefore not eligible to be paid CCB registered care for those 2 weeks.

Act reference: FAAct section 6(2) Child immunised, section 14 Meaning of satisfies the work/training/study test, section 15 Work/training/study test-recognised work or work related commitments, section 16 Work/training/study test-recognised training commitments, section 17 Work/training/study test-recognised study commitments, section 45 When an individual is eligible for CCB for a past period for care provided by a registered carer

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.6.1 CCB Eligibility Criteria for Individuals, Immunisation Exceptions for CCB, 2.6.3 CCB Eligibility Requirements Relating to Hours

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015