CCB Entitlement Cancellation - Individuals Using an Application


If an annual income reassessment form is sent back unopened to Centrelink because the individual was no longer at the last known address, then CCB entitlement for that individual should be cancelled from the first day of the following financial year (1 July). However, this should not occur until after:

  • the individual's record has been checked for any updates, and
  • attempting to contact the individual through the last known telephone number.

If the individual later contacts Centrelink, the claim will be treated as a new claim.

Example: An annual income reassessment form is sent to an individual's last known address on 5 March 2001. On 27 March 2001, the form is sent back unopened to Centrelink, with 'return to sender' written on the front of the envelope. Centrelink checks the individual's record, but there is no change of address indicated. Centrelink rings the individual's telephone number, but that is disconnected. The individual continues to be eligible for CCB until 30 June 2001, but is not eligible from 1 July 2001 onwards.

Last reviewed: 20 September 2016