4.8.2 Variations to CCB Entitlement - Approved Services


This section contains one topic covering CCB entitlement (1.1.E.30) variations for approved services (1.1.A.90), and covers:

  • the date of effect (1.1.D.20) of approval, or loss of approval, of a service,
  • notifiable events,
  • additional advances,
  • service closure, transfer or loss of approval,
  • supplementary statements, statement for payment (1.1.S.120), and
  • adjustments from compliance activities.

Note: Additional advances are not applicable where a service has commenced operation under the CCMS. Supplementary statements and statements for payment apply only to periods before a service has commenced operating under the CCMS.

Date of effect - approval of service

A service can only claim CCB for the period for which it has been approved. The following table shows the date of effect of approval and loss of approval for a service.

If a service… The date of effect is the…
gains approval, date of the Department of Education and Training's approval for the service provider.
loses approval, first day the service is no longer approved by the Department of Education and Training.

Notifiable events

Approved services must notify Centrelink of:

  • planned closures,
  • changes to licensing arrangements,
  • sale of premises,
  • termination of lease for premises,
  • change of address,
  • closure,
  • change of details in the child care service's application for approval,
  • unfit staff.

DSS will follow-up any relevant license renewals. Services should advise Centrelink of any relevant administrative changes.

Examples: Relevant administrative changes include changes to:

  • bank accounts,
  • authorised signatories, and
  • postal address of the service.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act Part 8 Approval of child care services and registered carers

Additional advances

A service can apply for additional advances if it can show that the advances it has already received were not enough to meet the fee reductions provided by the service. Additional advances will not be given to services in financial difficulty.

Service closure, transfer or loss of approval

A service can only claim for periods up to and including the last day the service was approved if it:

  • closes,
  • transfers ownership, or
  • loses approval.

Supplementary statements

A service must lodge a supplementary statement to correct an error in a previous quarterly statement.

Example: If a service undertakes audit activities and notices that there has been an error in quarterly statement, they must submit a supplementary statement to correct it.

Adjustments from compliance activities

Some circumstances can trigger compliance activities by both Centrelink and the Department of Education and Training. CCB entitlement can be recalculated if an error or miscalculation is identified from one of these activities.

Example: Compliance activity can be triggered:

  • when a service closes, or
  • through general monitoring of the child care program.

Policy reference: FA Guide 4.8.1 Variations to CCB Entitlement - Individuals

Last reviewed: 20 September 2016