Visa Subclass 060 Bridging F Visa

This visa subclass came into effect on 1 January 2004.

Unlawful non-citizens who have been assessed by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) (or other law enforcement agency) as suspected victims of human trafficking may be eligible for a subclass 060 Bridging F visa. This visa can be granted for an initial period of stay up to 90 days for recovery and reflection, and longer term temporary stay for those assisting a criminal justice process.

Assurance of Support No
Permanent Resident No
Sponsored/Nominated No
What Payments Eligible For

Eligible for SpB, and exempt from the SpB NARWP. Ministerial Determinations made under the SSAct subparagraph 729(2)(f)(v) and subsection 739A(6).

Eligible for CrP if qualified for SpB.

Act reference: SSAct section 729(2)(f)(v) …is the holder of a visa that is in a class of visas…, section 739A(6) Neither subsection (1) nor (2) applies…

SS(Admin)Act section 30A Exclusion from section 29 residence requirement of crisis payment claimants holding certain visas

May be eligible for FTB, CCS, PLP and DAPP.

Policy reference: FA Guide Verifying Residence/Citizenship, CCS - Australian Residency Exceptions

PPL Guide Australian Residency Test for PLP, Australian Residency Test for DAPP

Policy reference: SS Guide Human Trafficking Visa Framework (HTVF)

Last reviewed: 2 July 2018