Visa Subclass 785 Temporary Protection

On 9 August 2008, the visa subclass 785 TPV (Classes XA and XC) were abolished. Visas issued prior to this date remained valid until they expired or the holders were granted another visa.

On 18 October 2013, the TPV 785 (XA) was reintroduced. However, the instrument to reintroduce this visa was disallowed and the visa was repealed on 2 December 2013.

TPV 785 (XA) visas issued between October 2013 and December 2013 remain valid until they expire or the holder is granted another visa.

The TPV 785 (XD) was reintroduced on 16 December 2014 and is currently in effect.

A class XD subclass 785 TPV is granted initially for 3 years, and in some cases remains valid beyond that 3 year period until an application for further temporary protection visa is finally determined.

Assurance of Support No
Permanent Resident No
What Payments Eligible For

Entitled to SpB payment.

Exempt from SpB NARWP - Ministerial determinations made under SSAct section 739A(6).

Eligible for HCC (exempt from HCC NARWP).

Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZO(7) The Minister may, by legislative instrument, declare that a person who…, section 1061ZQ(2)(d) Newly arrived resident's waiting period

Eligible to be listed as a dependant on a PCC or HCC, if the person's partner is the holder of either one of these cards.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 240B(5) The Minister may, by legislative instrument, declare that a person who…

May be eligible for CrP, FTB, CCS, PLP and DAPP.

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CrP - General Provisions

FA Guide Verifying Residence/Citizenship, CCS - Australian Residency Exceptions

PPL Guide Australian Residency Test for PLP, Australian Residency Test for DAPP

Last reviewed: 2 July 2018