2.1 Redress application


To obtain redress a person needs to make an application. To make a valid application under the Scheme a person must:

  • submit their application using the National Redress Scheme Application Form (available on the National Redress Scheme website)
  • advise where they live
  • provide any documentation and information required by the Operator, and
  • complete the statutory declaration (set out in the Application Form) including having it witnessed.

Where a person does not complete the steps above, the Operator will be unable to assess their application for redress.

Where a person submits a valid application the Operator can then determine the person's eligibility for redress.

Redress Guide Part 3 describes how to apply for the Scheme, and includes timeframes to lodge an application and where exceptional circumstances apply.

Act reference: NRSAct Part 2.3 Division 2 Application for redress under the scheme

Policy reference: Redress Guide 2.3 When is a person eligible?, 1.1.A.60 Approved form

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