7.1.2 Confidentiality


This section explains a person's obligation to protect information that has been obtained and/or is held for purposes of the PPL scheme.

A person can only obtain protected information (1.1.P.270) if it is for the purposes of the PPLAct.

A person can make a record of, disclose or otherwise use protected information only if the record, disclosure or use is made:

  • for the purposes of the PPLAct, or
  • for the purposes of the family assistance law, or
  • for the purposes of the social security law, or
  • for the purposes of the Student Assistance Act 1973, or
  • for the purposes for which the information was disclosed to the person under PPLAct section 128 (see (i.e. purposes for which Centrelink can disclose information), or
  • with the express or implied authorisation of the person to whom the information relates.

PPLAct Part 4-1 Division 3 does not prevent the disclosure of information to another person if the information is disclosed for the purposes of the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 or the Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988.

Protection of personal information

Any protected information obtained under PPL law can only be used for the above purposes. There are offences for unauthorised access to and use of protected information and for soliciting disclosure of or offering to supply protected information.

The PPLAct provisions relating to the disclosure of information do not affect the operation of the Freedom of Information Act 1988.

Act reference: PPLAct Part 4-1 Division 3 Confidentiality, Part 4-1 Division 4 Offences against Parts 7.3 and 7.4 of the Criminal Code

PPL Rules Part 4-1 Information Gathering

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