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CCS can only be paid once for a child in respect of the same session of care (1.1.S.40) at the same approved child care service (1.1.A.90). That is, where more than one individual (1.1.I.90) enrols the same child at the same child care service (for example, separated parents (1.1.P.10) who are both CCS claimants for the child) and the service charges both parents for the same session, only one parent can be eligible to receive CCS for that session of care.

Approved child care services should not submit a session of care twice under 2 enrolments (1.1.E.25) for the same child. If a service does do this, CCS will be paid in respect of the individual whose session is submitted first.

Example: Approved child care services are unable to use CCS to 'hold' a place for a child in shared care situations. That is, where a service submits an absence (1.1.A.05) under one enrolment and an attendance under the other, for the same session of care and the same child, only one individual can be eligible to receive CCS for that session of care. The service can decide whether to charge one or both parents for the session of care, but the service will receive CCS on behalf of one parent only for the session of care.

Only one individual can be eligible for a session of care, even where a child is absent in the circumstances described in CCSMinRules section 6(1)(b), that is, a court order is in place that requires the child to be cared for by someone other than their usual carer.

Example: Mary and Jack are separated parents who share care of their child Esther. They have received CCS for 42 absence days for Esther in the financial year already, so any further absence days will attract CCS only where they are taken for an 'additional absence' (1.1.A.17) reason. A court order states Esther must be in Jack's care on a day she usually attends a session of care booked under Mary's enrolment. Jack books Esther in for a casual session on that day. The service will not receive CCS if they submit an additional absence for the session of care in Mary's enrolment, even though the reason is one prescribed in FA law. In this circumstance, CCS can still only be paid once, in respect of one session of care for Esther.

This provision does not apply if more than one session of care is reported for a child at the same time by different services.

Act reference: FAAct section 85EA Only one individual eligible at a time

CCSMinRules section 6 Reasons for additional absences

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.6.1 CCS eligibility

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