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This topic describes the requirement to apply for ACCS (grandparent) and covers:

  • applying for ACCS (grandparent)
  • information required when applying for ACCS (grandparent)
  • requirement for additional information when an application is incomplete
  • where both grandparents in a couple may be eligible
  • date of effect of applications for ACCS (grandparent)
  • backdating of applications for ACCS (grandparent).

Applying for ACCS (grandparent)

Only the individual (1.1.I.90) who is responsible for the care of the child, or their partner (1.1.P.30), can claim (1.1.C.27) ACCS (grandparent). An application must be made to Centrelink.

An individual can lodge an application through Centrelink online, in person or over the phone.

An individual can apply for ACCS (grandparent) when in receipt of CCS or at the same time as claiming CCS. If claiming CCS and ACCS as a combined claim, the individual must be determined to be eligible for CCS before a determination is made for ACCS (grandparent).

If a grandparent (1.1.G.14) has more than one child in their care, they must meet the eligibility criteria for each child they are claiming ACCS (grandparent) for. This means that an individual may receive ACCS (grandparent) payment for a child/ren and CCS for the remaining child/ren.

Information required when applying for ACCS (grandparent)

In addition to information required to claim CCS (such as personal details, income (1.1.I.20) estimate and activity test details), an individual needs to provide the following information when applying for ACCS (grandparent):

  • details of the child/ren to whom the ACCS (grandparent) claim relates
  • the nature of the relationship between the individual or their partner, if they have one, and the child/ren with supporting evidence
  • the percentage of care provided to the child/ren the subject of the claim with supporting evidence
  • evidence of substantial autonomy for the day-to-day decisions about the child/ren's care
  • indicative period for which the subsidy is being sought, if known, and
  • evidence/other documentation to support the application.

Requirement for additional information where the application is incomplete

If additional information (such as additional evidence of the relationship or principal care provided) is required to assess whether the individual is eligible for ACCS (grandparent) the individual will have 28 days in which to provide the information.

If the requested documentation is not provided within 28 days, the application will be taken not to have been made and the individual will be required to submit a new application.

Once the application has been assessed, grandparents will receive a notification of the outcome (through the grandparent's nominated form of communication).

Where both grandparents in a couple may be eligible

On a day-to-day basis, both grandparents may be partners and jointly provide care to the child and share 65% or more of the care. This is not a shared care arrangement and only one grandparent can be eligible for ACCS (grandparent). The grandparents will need to determine who will be considered as the applicant, and if eligible, the recipient of ACCS (grandparent).

Date of effect of applications for ACCS (grandparent)

The start date of ACCS (grandparent) must be the Monday at the start of a CCS fortnight (1.1.C.10). Applications for ACCS (grandparent) can be backdated up to 28 days from the date the completed claim was lodged with Centrelink.

Backdating of applications for ACCS (grandparent)

An application for ACCS (grandparent) can only be backdated 28 days from the date of application.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 67CD(4) Entitlement to be paid ACCS (grandparent)

Policy reference: FA Guide 4.6.1 General provisions for making a claim for CCS by fee reduction

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