1.1.B.25 Bereavement lump sum period


This definition applies for the purposes of determining qualification for bereavement payments and calculating the LBP.

This definition is not applicable to a one-off bereavement payment for the death of a partner ( made under Part 2.11 Division 10 Subdivision AA (YA) or Part 2.12 Division 9 Subdivision AA (JSP) of the SSAct.


In relation to a person's death, there is a bereavement lump sum period if the first available bereavement adjustment payday (1.1.F.150) occurs before the end of the bereavement period (1.1.B.40).

The bereavement lump sum period begins on the first available bereavement adjustment payday and ends on the same day as the bereavement period.

Act reference: SSAct section 21(2)(e)-'bereavement lump sum period'

Last reviewed: 20 March 2020