1.1.G.50 Government rent (RA)


For the purposes of RA, Government rent means rent payable to any of the following authorities:

  • the Housing Commission of New South Wales,
  • the Director, within the meaning of the Housing Act 1983 of the State of Victoria,
  • the Queensland Housing Commission,
  • the Corporation of the Director of Aboriginal and Islanders Advancement established by a law of Queensland,
  • the South Australian Housing Trust,
  • the State Housing Commission established by a law of Western Australia,
  • the Director-General of Housing and Construction holding office under a law of Tasmania,
  • the Northern Territory Housing Commission,
  • the Commissioner for Housing within the meaning of the Housing Assistance Act 1987 of the Australian Capital Territory.

Note: Rent payable by a person for living in premises in respect of which someone else pays Government rent may also be regarded as Government rent (see SSAct subsection 13(3AC)).

If a law of a state, the Northern Territory or the Australian Capital Territory alters the name of an authority referred to in the definition of Government rent, a reference to that authority in that definition is to be construed as a reference to the authority under the new name.

Act reference: SSAct section 13(1)-'Government rent', section 13(5) If a law of a Stateā€¦

Last reviewed: 20 September 2016