1.1.I.195 Intermittent work


For the purposes of the SWPP (1.1.S.455) intermittent work (work that stops and starts) may, with some exceptions, be considered to be 'seasonal work'.

Examples of intermittent work include:

  • relief work (such as relief teaching, locum),
  • contract work (such as computer contract work, contract work on building sites, contract teachers, health worker, contract work in the arts and entertainment, any work where a contract is involved including sub-contracts), and
  • consultant work (such as work done in the information technology industry).

Exceptions: Intermittent work cannot be considered as seasonal work for the purposes of SWPP where:

  • the duration of the work is 12 months or more, OR
  • the worker receives leave entitlements, OR
  • the person was not able to anticipate a period when the work would not be available.

Act reference: SSAct section 16A(1)-'seasonal work preclusion period'

Policy reference: SS Guide Who is Affected by an SWPP, SWPP provisions

Last reviewed: 8 February 2016