1.1.L.100 Long term income support student (YA, Austudy)


For the purposes of YA and Austudy, an applicant is a long term income support student if the applicant:

  • is at least 22 years old, AND
  • does NOT have a dependent child (1.1.D.70), AND
  • is undertaking qualifying study for Austudy or is a full-time YA student in respect of a course of education that the person has commenced after turning 22 and the course has a duration of at least 12 months, OR
  • is an Australian Apprentice and became an Australian Apprentice after turning 22, AND
  • has, when commencing the full-time study, been receiving one or more of the following for at least 26 out of the preceding 39 weeks:
    • newstart allowance,
    • youth allowance (job seeker),
    • wife pension,
    • pension PP (single),
    • benefit PP (partnered),
    • disability support pension,
    • sickness allowance,
    • carer payment,
    • special benefit, and
    • bereavement allowance.

Each time a student commences full-time study, they must satisfy the eligibility criteria in order to be considered a long term income support student.

If a student takes a break in their full-time study (i.e. defers study, withdraws from the course, or goes down to part-time) and recommences full-time study at a later date, their commencement date is the first day they recommence full-time study.

A person is ALSO a long term income support student if the person:

  • is at least 22 years old, and
  • does NOT have a dependent child, and
  • does NOT have English as a first language, and
  • is undertaking an approved course in English.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067F(1) Long term income support student, section 1067K Long term income support student

Grandfathered arrangements

From 1 July 2012, the age at which an applicant can be considered to be a long term income support student was raised from 21 years to 22 years. Applicants aged 21 who were considered to be long term income support students prior to this date will retain their eligibility until they are no longer studying or undertaking an Australian Apprenticeship provided they continue to meet other eligibility criteria.

Last reviewed: 7 May 2018