1.1.R.05 RapidConnect (JSP, YA)


This definition applies to the claim process for JSP and YA.


RapidConnect improves the chances of job seekers and early school leavers (1.1.E.05) finding a job or enrolling in a course of education or training, by rapidly connecting them with an employment services provider after they contact Services Australia about claiming JSP or YA.

Unless exempt from RapidConnect, a person intending to claim or transfer to JSP or YA (as a job seeker) is required to attend an interview with their employment services provider within 2 working days of initial contact and before finalising their claim for income support. Their payment does not become payable until they have connected with an employment services provider. For more information on RapidConnect, see 3.11.12.

Act reference: SSAct section 544A(1) If a YA Employment Pathway Plan …, section 605(1)If a Jobseeker Employment Pathway Plan …, section 615 JSP not payable if person fails to attend interview etc. in certain circumstances

SS(Admin)Act section 63 Requirement to attend Department etc.

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.11.12 Initial connection to employment services (Rapidconnect)

Last reviewed: 20 March 2020