1.1.U.55 Unsuitable work


Work may be unsuitable for a job seeker if it:

  • involves skills, experience or qualifications that the person does not have, and appropriate training will not be provided by the employer
  • may aggravate a pre-existing illness, disability (1.1.D.160) or injury and medical evidence has been provided
  • involves health or safety risks and would contravene an occupational health and safety law
  • is subject to terms and conditions that are less generous than the applicable statutory conditions
  • involves commuting from home to work that would be unreasonably difficult
  • involves working more hours than a person's assessed capacity within the next 2 years with intervention
  • involves enlistment in the Defence force or the Reserve forces
  • is undertaken by a principal carer of a child or children under SSAct section 5(1) and appropriate care and supervision of the child/ren is not available during the hours the person would be required to work
  • is the subject of industrial disputation
  • requires the person to change their residence, or
  • in the Secretary's opinion, is unsuitable for any other reason.
    • Example: On the basis of moral, cultural or religious grounds.

Act reference: SSAct section 601(2A) Subject to subsections (2AA) and (2AB) … (JSP), section 541D(1) Unsuitable paid work (YA), section 731B Meaning of unsuitable work for the purposes of the activity test (SpB)

Policy reference: SS Guide Suitable work

Last reviewed: 20 March 2020