1.1.Y.20 Youth allowance job seeker


A YA job seeker is a YA recipient who is other than a YA full-time student or YA Australian Apprentice.

An early school leaver (1.1.E.05) is a YA job seeker who is less than 22 years old and has not completed the final year of secondary school or an equivalent level of education (Certificate Level III or above), and is not undertaking full-time study.

Act reference: SSAct section 540AA Qualification for YA-new apprentices, section 541B Undertaking full-time study, section 23(1)-'early school leaver'

Policy reference: SS Guide Youth Allowance (YA) - Description, 3.2.3 YA - Qualification and Payability, 3.2.8 Mutual Obligation Requirements for NSA/YA Job Seekers, 3.2.9 Mutual Obligation Requirements for NSA/YA Job Seekers - Suitable Activities, Suitable activity - early school leavers (YA)

Last reviewed: 4 January 2016