Partner allowance (PA) - description

What is PA?

PA is an income support payment that provides financial assistance for older people who are partners (1.1.P.85) of income support recipients and face barriers to finding employment because of their lack of recent workforce experience (1.1.R.80). There have been no new grants of PA since 20 September 2003.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'income support payment'

How PA is paid

PA is usually paid fortnightly.

Supplementary assistance

Recipients of PA MAY also receive one or more of the following as part of their PA rate:

They may also be entitled to the following while in receipt of PA:

Bereavement payment provisions

The surviving member of a couple (1.1.M.120) may be eligible for bereavement payments following the death of a partner.

Background information

PA was introduced so that each partner of a couple receives a separate payment, rather than one of the couple receiving a combined payment. This ensured that each recipient was treated as an individual rather than being dependent upon another person.

Act reference: SSAct section 771HA(1) Qualification for partner allowance

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.3.1 PA - qualification & payability, PA - current rates

Last reviewed: 22 March 2021