Austudy payment (Austudy) - description

Objective of Austudy

Austudy aims to provide income support for mature students and Australian Apprentices aged 25 years and older, who do not have adequate levels of income.

Income support for younger full-time students is available under YA.

Supplementary assistance

Austudy recipients may also qualify for the following assistance if they meet the relevant qualification criteria:

Bereavement payment provisions

The surviving member of a couple may be eligible for bereavement payments in certain circumstances following the death of a partner.

How Austudy is paid

Austudy is generally paid fortnightly.

Background information

Austudy was introduced on 1 July 1998. It is available to eligible students aged 25 or over.

Act reference: SSAct section 568 Qualification for Austudy-general rule

Policy reference: SS Guide Youth allowance (YA) - description, 3.3.3 Austudy - qualification & payability, Austudy - current rates

Last reviewed: 22 March 2021