Youth disability supplement (YDS) - description


The YDS is an income supplement paid to young people with disability recognising additional costs associated with having a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability.


The YDS is payable to DSP recipients aged under 21 years without children.

The rate of a person on DSP who is less than 21 years cannot exceed the rate of a DSP recipient who is 21 years or over.

The YDS is also payable to:

  • YA recipients under 22 years with an assessed partial capacity to work (1.1.P.65), and
  • recipients of the ABSTUDY living allowance aged under 22 years assessed as having a partial capacity to work.

The rates payable to a person on YA and ABSTUDY aged under 22 years cannot exceed the rate payable to those 22 years or over, therefore the rates payable to single recipients living away from home, single recipients with children and to partnered recipients are limited to the equivalent common benefit rates (JSP rates).

For the current rate of YDS see and

How is YDS paid

YDS is paid fortnightly.


The YDS is indexed annually in line with CPI increases.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067G-D1 Youth disability supplement

Last reviewed: 20 March 2020