Student Start-up Loan (SSL) - Description

Objective of the SSL

The SSL aims to increase participation in higher education by assisting students with the costs of commencing study, including the purchase of text books, computers and internet access.

How the SSL is paid

A student can receive up to 2 SSLs per calendar year for the duration of their course, while they continue to qualify and apply for the loan.

How is the SSL repaid

The SSL is repayable under the same arrangements as HELP debts. Students will only be required to begin repaying their loan once their earnings are above the repayment threshold (which is consistent with the HELP repayment threshold - $55,874 for 2017-18) and after their HELP debt has been fully repaid.

Background to the SSL

The SSL commenced on 1 January 2016, replacing the student start-up scholarship.

Act reference: SSAct Chapter 2AA SSLs

Social Security (Approved Scholarship Courses) Determination 2010 (No.1)

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.8.19 SSL - Qualification & Payability, SSL - current rate, Student Start-up Scholarship - Description, 6.9 SSL Repayment Arrangements

Last reviewed: 3 July 2017