Totalising to Qualify for an Australian Benefit - Agreement with Cyprus

Totalising for an Australian benefit

Article 8 of the Agreement covers totalisation in order to qualify for an Australian benefit.

Periods of Cypriot social insurance can be added to periods of Australian working life residence in order to meet the minimum residence requirements for Australian benefits under the SSAct. The Agreement allows non-continuous periods of contributions to the Cypriot scheme to be added together and considered continuous.

People residing in Cyprus, or a third country with which Australia has an agreement, must have a minimum of 12 months Australian working life residence (6 months of which is continuous) before they can totalise to qualify for an Australian benefit. No minimum period of Australia working life residence is required for people residing in Australia.

The policy regarding overlapping periods discussed in applies to the Agreement with Cyprus.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 11 Cyprus

Policy reference: SS Guide Overlapping Periods

Last reviewed: 16 May 2016