Social Security System in Croatia

Croatia's social security system

Croatia's social security system is a contribution based social insurance system. In order to qualify for payments, people must meet a minimum period of insurance. From 2008, Croatian domestic legislation will require a person to have at least 15 years of qualifying periods of insurance to be eligible for an age pension.

The Agreement will allow people to use periods of AWLR in order to meet the minimum periods of insurance required to qualify for Croatia pensions covered by the Agreement.

Example: If a person has only 10 years of insurance he or she would be able to count any periods of AWLR that they have as periods of insurance to meet the minimum qualifying period.

Note: To use the Agreement to qualify for a Croatian pension a person must have completed a minimum period of insurance of one year.


The Ministry responsible for social insurance in Croatia is the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

The Croatian Pensions Insurance Institute provides general supervision.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 16 Croatia

Last reviewed: 7 June 2010