Totalising to Qualify for a Norwegian Benefit

Totalising for a Norwegian benefit

Article 18 of the Agreement covers totalisation in order to qualify for a Norwegian benefit.

Entitlement to a Norwegian benefit is subject to a person having a minimum period of insurance coverage or a minimum period of residence.

People who do not have the minimum periods of insurance or residence can add periods of Australian working life residence to the Norwegian periods they do have to make up the minimum requirement.

Note: In order to use the Agreement to totalise for a Norwegian benefit, a person must have:

  • a minimum of one year of occupational activity to the Norwegian system, or
  • a minimum of 3 years residence in Norway.

To be entitled to a supplementary pension only periods of Australian working life residence when the person was gainfully occupied will be taken into account.

For survivors' pension the deceased's periods are totalised.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 19 Norway

Last reviewed: 20 September 2017