Totalising to Qualify for an Australian Benefit - Agreement with Switzerland

Totalising for an Australian age pension

Article 18 of the Agreement covers totalisation in order to qualify for an Australian benefit.

A period of insurance in Switzerland can be added to periods as an Australian resident in order to meet the minimum requirements for Australian benefits under the SSAct. Non-continuous periods of insurance in Switzerland can be added together and counted as continuous. However, insurance periods can only be totalised with Australian residence if those insurance periods can be used to obtain a Swiss benefit. For example, people who have received a refund will not be able to use those periods of insurance to totalise for a benefit under the Agreement.

People who are not Australian residents must have a minimum of 12 months Australian working life residence (6 months of which must be continuous) before they can totalise to qualify for an Australian benefit. No minimum period of Australian working life residence is required for an Australian benefit that is payable to an Australian resident.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 20 Switzerland

Last reviewed: 8 February 2016