10.31.100 Latvian Glossary


This section contains a list of terms used in and applicable to the Agreement with Latvia.


For Australia, benefit means age pension (and wife age pension for portability purposes). It includes any additional amount or increase in respect of, a person who qualifies for that additional amount. This includes pension supplement and RA for people in Australia, but any additional amounts are subject to portability restrictions under the SSAct. For Latvia, benefit means the old age pension, survivor's pension and death benefits.

Insurance Period

This means a period of contributions to the Latvian social insurance scheme, or equivalent periods recognised as such under Latvian legislation.


In relation to Australia, legislation means the laws which make up the social security legislation relating to the age pension. In Part II of the Agreement it applies to the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992, the Superannuation Guarantee Charge Act 1992, and the Superannuation (Administration) Regulations.

Period of Australian Working Life Residence

This means a period of Australian working life residence as defined in the SS(IntAgree)Act (i.e. the period of residence in Australia between the ages of 16 and reaching age pension age).

Last reviewed: 20 September 2017